Deadwood Dick’s

We are located just two short blocks off Main Street right across from the Adams Museum on Sherman Street in Deadwood, SD. We are also conveniently located just one block from the new Deadwood Mountain Grand Concert Hall! You can park onsite at Deadwood Dicks and walk to the concerts.

Our rooms start on the third floor of this historic warehouse building, so while the view might be just what you’re looking for, you will be high enough that all the sounds of the city will be far enough below so as not to disturb. Rooms are accessed by an old fashioned gated elevator just like you see in the old movies.  There is plenty of space in our roomy suites for that extra company or family that drops by especially after a few microbrew drafts downstairs. Free WiFi and HBO in all the rooms and in the bar and restaurant area.

At first look this might seem to be just another hotel room. Now consider that this is just one room in your large Deadwood Dicks suite. So when you are ready to turn in for the night, but the rest of the guests are talking about heading back downstairs to try their luck at the machines and get a few more drafts, you can always retreat to the privacy and comfort of your room before heading out again.