Homestake Visitor Center

The town of Lead, South Dakota is rich in mining history dating back to the Gold Rush of 1876. Over time the function and working out of the Homestake Gold Mine have evolved and changed, but the history has been preserved and can be experienced by a visit to the Homestake Visitor Center or by setting up a tour.

To get to the Visitor Center, take Hwy 85 (Exit 17) south off I-90 towards Deadwood. Once you reach Deadwood, Hwy 85 turns into Hwy 14A. Stay on Hwy 14A through Deadwood – it will take you straight to Lead, SD. Once in Lead, you will take a left at the first stop light. Stay on this road – it will take you down Historic Main Street. The Homestake Gold Mine Surface Tour & Visitor Center is located at the end of Main Street on your left hand side.