Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

At the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary in Hot Springs, South Dakota, there are horses nobody wanted as if they have no value because they are too little, too big or too plain. To us they are beautiful beyond words – their quick, wary ways, their tangled manes excite our senses. Born wild, many were hunted and trapped and nearly forgotten in a faraway stockyard. It broke our hearts to see them there. So we created a home – a sanctuary for them. We set them free. We had to.

You are welcome to come and have an experience without taking a tour….come down the road, see horses along the way, visit the gift shop, have refreshments at the Wild Horse Cafe, read the educational kiosks around the building, and explore our Rare BreedPreservation herds that we keep near the headquarters.

Choose from tours that last from three hours to three days. All of our private tours are in special Sanctuary vehicles and are available by reservation only. Each tour is hosted by an experienced tour professional and strives to provide our guests with the ultimate wild horse viewing experience.